I’ve been waiting for you

I wake with you.

Your oaky fragrance hangs in the air, a friend I’ve long waited for. Greeted by your cool, crisp embrace is the very best start to any morning. Your energy carries me, nurtures me, opens my eyes and awakens my words.

I walk with you.

Our conversations are predictable. With every step I take, you crackle and pop in response. I am enamored with the gems you wear on even this cloudy, dull day but awash in jewel tones is how you are best known. You are not shy and enjoy the attention.

I rest with you.

You gingerly undress, shedding golden and burnt for bare and raw. You prepare for the next season of your journey by dropping all you’ve collected throughout the year. Watching you, I want to drop that which I have collected over the year. That which has become heavy and dried, non-producing for me, anything not needed or essential and weighing me down.

You are here. Welcome autumn.


In response to the Daily Post’s Prompt, Gingerly.

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