Thursday Lutheran Church Doors

20171018_131446.jpgThe St. John’s Lutheran Church of Knoxville, Tennessee was a complete accidental find for me. I parked here while on my cemetery excursion weeks ago. The doors and architecture were calling for a closer look!


This arched entry leads to these beauties hiding within.


All the outside doors share the similar red coat of paint and hardware.



This one facing the main street appears to have a wired doorbell.


As I walked around three of the four sides of the church, I saw hints of gothic architecture everywhere.




Norm kindly invites us to his place every Thursday to share our door pics as we travel our neighborhoods and explore new cities, near and far. If you keep your camera ready and also love door photos, you can join the group and post your favorite Thursday Door pics here!


    • Yep, all because I didn’t realize I could DRIVE THROUGH the cemetery…when reading signs doesn’t work, other good things come to us! haha. I do wish I could have gone inside…it sounds like a beautiful building with some interesting history. I do think I will return when back in K’ville. Keep eyes open for future post…

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    • I read online about this church’s fantastic interior so I am very sad the doors were locked when I visited. Thanks for your comments, did not know about the anniversary!


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