Thursday Holden Beach Doors

Because I am feeling nostalgic today, and longing for a trip to somewhere, I am looking through my photos and realized I took a few (and only a few!) while at the beach last month. I must have truly been in holiday mode because I came home with only these door photos for Norm’s (or this week Manja’s) Thursday Doors.


The Provision Company, or ProCo as locals prefer, is a favorite waterfront restaurant in Holden Beach, North Carolina. Their conch fritters and cucumber salad are my favorites but I hear the shrimp burger is a must!

Old Ferry Seafood

Old Ferry Seafood sits across the water from where we stay. Their shrimp boats were out alot this summer gathering the catch enjoyed by locals and shrimp lovers afar. We did catch a glimpse of Miss Gwendolyn just before we left.  Her white door is open wide taking a breath after many days out at sea.



And just to the left of Old Ferry SeaFood and Miss Gwendolyn is this fuel and bait market offering several bright blue doors. The tall ‘chimney’ makes ice all day long and into the night. And yes, at times we can hear it chugging away in the still of the night.


And this weathered beauty was on the porch of an antique store that unfortunately was closed on the day we stopped to shop. It looked promising based on this!

Holden Beach is a small, quiet island perfect for family vacations. We began visiting Holden when our children were small and now that they are grown Mr. E’ville and I still return thanks to wonderful friends who open their home to us. There is not alot to do here but we manage to fill our days with books, sand, drink, and food. We plan to continue our trek to this intracoastal paradise for years to come and I will be certain to come away with more photos to share. That is if I can set down my drink and conch fritters long enough….

Norm, hope you are getting a terrific rest! See you soon.




  1. That old door at the antique shop makes a beautiful decoration of its own. I love the use of old doors as props in large gardens and against brick walls with soaring ceilings.

    … and that “pull” door? You can be sure I will push first in spite of the sign 😉

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  2. Ohh, this door left for you to find it like this… gorgeous! And I’d love to taste some of that seafood, it’s my favourite. When I scrawled to the bottom of this page, I found your memoir in six words and am now intrigued what mine would be. How about: “Too soon to tell – stay close!” 😉

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