Thursday Yellow Doors

I am missing my WordPress people and my writing solitude. Have been away doing this and that and although I expected to write, two weeks have passed and no prose materialized nor keystroke occurred. Time to buckle down and allow for this time as it is the most precious I covet. Since it is Thursday, I’ll jump back in with Norm…

Last month while visiting daughter in Knoxville we explored the Arts District where we happened upon a street lined with yellow doors. They were too unique and somewhat aligned so I begged daughter to turn around for a second peek. She did and I thank her for indulging my impromptu Thursday Doorscursion! I must admit this little town is growing on me…one colorful door at a time.


Remember to visit Norm’s Thursday Doors for a bounty of door posts by other bloggers who will also turn around in the middle of the road for a door photo!


  1. I can put myself in your shoes – writing must be like painting (am a painter, but sometimes dabble in poetry). Hope you get to it soon! My favorite of the doors are the 4 in a row:)

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