gallery Thursday Tabbs Creek Inn Doors

A few weeks back we had the wonderful luck to stay at a small inn in Mathews, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay. It has only seven rooms or cottages keeping it quaint and cozy where you meet your neighbors at breakfast. We played on the water, shopped ‘in town’ and poked around the property where I found a few of these interesting doors.

Items needed for s’mores, fire pit, and mosquito battling can be found here.
Only a doorway but I do find beauty in this leftover building.

White was definitely a recurring theme on the property…and all of them locked!

Found these beauties while peeking behind a fence. Wonder where they will live next?
The screened porch for afternoon cocktails and meeting fellow inn-mates!
Reminds me of a secret garden cottage…my favorite on the property!
Never found that side door!

And our room, the Chesapeake Suite. If you’re looking for a very quiet spot to relax for a few days, the Inn at Tabbs Creek is worth a trip. Also worthy of a look-see are the other bloggers who post about their door affairs on Norm’s Thursday Doors.


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