Thursday HenBee Doors

I spent Independence Day in Earlysville with a friend who happens to have a very extended family! In addition to her husband and three children, she has two dogs, three cats, two goats, countless chickens, and numerous bees. Yes, they also harvest honey! So when I go to her house it is like a field trip!

The chicken’s roost in a house on wheels so it can be rotated about the property periodically.


This is the lower door where the chickens enter using their ramp.


Welcome to our home!

Along the side there is a large door that covers the roosting boxes. Here we found one sweet lady…she injoyed being petted and her feathers reminded me of silk.



Hello Augie! Augie and his mother Annabelle were excited to see us visitors and although they didn’t really have a door to share, I cannot resist including their inquisitive faces.


And last but not least here are the bees. You might call these door slits? With the bees passing in and out through these slits I qualified them as postworthy.  The trays are stacked about five high (should have counted) and you can see where the bees enter only at the bottom. There are three or four of these towers (again, should have counted) and the trays are rotated within each tower allowing for each to be thoroughly used (and re-used) by the bees.


I know, I know…I walked the line with my door contribution this week but they are unusual. If you’d like to take a peek at more substantial, traditional doors please visit the many bloggers from around the globe who post with Norm and his weekly blog, Thursday Doors. Hope everyone had a festive Fourth of July here in the states!!!

Totally legal fireworks!


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