Yearning for an urn

Following my workout yesterday I visited with my friend who works at my gym. Ours is a wonderful friendship stretching back almost as many years that I’ve lived in Charlottesville and that we get to see each other several times a week, no matter how briefly, is terrific! Outside her office was a magnificent urn, about three feet tall, brimming with colorful, flowers. It stood proudly high upon a clothing cubby outside the yoga room.

“Left over from the weekend event or a new beau for you?” I queried.

“No! One of our long time members passed away and the family wanted us to have one of the arrangements after her memorial.”

“I hope someone loves me that much one day,” I said dreamily.


I did not know Jan, but in her memory I write this post. I do hope she felt all the love, floral and otherwise, on June 24, 2017.


  1. Loved your blog post and feel honored to be mentioned in it!

    I shared it with Patti and Martha, the recipient of the urn. We all agreed your picture of the flowers make it look better than it does in real life!

    Hope to see you tomorrow. Glad to hear you are feeling so much better.


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