Thursday Asheville Doors


Last weekend I took my annual vacation with my college roomies. We typically venture to the North Carolina beaches-this year we explored Asheville, North Carolina, known for The Biltmore, beer, and (of course) beautiful doors!

We stayed at the Princess Anne Hotel, a quaint and historic inn nestled in the Ch20170527_162647estnut Hill neighborhood of Buncombe county. Each evening we hiked the hills of this scenic neighborhood admiring the eclectic collection of homes lining the sidewalks and tucked within wooded lots. Any given street was sprinkled with houses boasting modern or historic elements, old or brand new construction, and anything in between.  Here are just a few of the wonderful doors from my walks:


These next doors are from our excursions in downtown Asheville. The final picture in the series is of a painted door. I thought I’d found the ‘tiny doors of Asheville’, a challenge given me by a girlfriend who visited years before, but when I texted her my find she informed me I was incorrect in my discovery! Another trip is in order to track down those little doors…I can do this!


And this one last door I photographed simply because I liked the Sabèl adornment above the window. It reminds me of some of the European pharmacy signs I’ve seen. I cannot translate this and have no idea what the place is or was in a previous life. Do you?

Next week I will follow-up with doors from the Biltmore Estate. Click here to visit other bloggers who ogle over doors! We post our weekly findings with Norm @ Thursday Doors.


    • I do recommend the Princess Anne! A WONDERFUL breakfast each morning (not continental) and fabulous happy hour each day at 4:30…plus nice porches and nooks to enjoy your nibbles! Each night we walked to a different restaurant and this was the icing on the cake for three girlfriends catching up after a year apart.

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  1. What a great gallery! The first door was my favorite. I’m a Storybook Style freak, and that roof and the door in the sort-of turret is so typical of it! You even got some picturesque weathered doors, for good measure. 🙂 That painted wall (with your finger in the picture lol) blew my mind! Now I’m intrigued: tiny doors. Oh, Mr. Google….

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  2. I’m not sure which I liked more – the small door, or your finger pointing at it 🙂

    I liked the first door #127 with that curvy roof on it. That is so different. I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or lazy construction. I’m going with the former because it looks cool.

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    • That might be my favorite, too! I think the curve adds character regardless how it got there. There were some fantastic modern homes sprinkled in with these older homes but each time I wanted to snap a pic someone appeared to be watching. I did not have the nerve to take the photos while they were about…when it is a home, I am reserved like that. I’m thinking of making up a few business cards with website included so I can explain that I am not a whackadoodle photographing their space!


      • Don’t laugh – I did that for the same reason. I now carry personal cards with my name and website on it.
        However, all my experiences (so far) has been good. People have been curious, but positive, which is really cool. Ironically, since I got the personal cards, no one has stopped to ask me 🙂

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    • This neighborhood where we stayed was perfection!!! I don’t know how I got so lucky when I picked this place. I wish I could illustrate the quaint beauty of the surrounding architecture and nature but as you know, much gets lost in translation. You had to be there…Will you ever return to Asheville?

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