Ode to my mews

gabbi b and wMy sweet Gabbi, my grey, striped, talkative tabby, how you loved to sit with me while I banged away at my desk. No matter the hour you were at my side coaxing me along…and when you decided you’d had enough of my solitude, you silently crept into my line of vision. As you stared into the monitor with your back to me I had no choice but to work with my arms around you, stressing my neck, and eventually you found yourself on the floor. You’d have none of that so back up to my desk you pounced. After several rounds of this elevatoring for my attention, eventually you won and received your hard-earned ‘baby love’ session. But not today.

Now you are gone and my desk and arms are empty and this makes no sense to my heart that misses yours. Sitting at my desk uninterrupted is quite distracting. I do know you were with me on Friday night, I felt you at my feet. You knew I was sick before I knew. ♥ I only wish I knew of your sickness before it took you.



♥i appreciate your comments♥

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