gallery Roman Thursday Doors

Yesterday I took a tour through my photos of Italy and paused on these. How is it our photographs can immediately conjure fondness for the places we’ve been in a split second? The smell and heat of the steamy pavement rose up to me while looking at a some of these while the coolness of the stones under my fingertips reminded me of walking through the tunnels of the Colosseum.  I have not been travelling lately and do feel the itch to do so soon. How I  long to return to this colorful part of the world and add more photographs to my collection…how can 400 be too few? Here are random Roman doors (and doorways) belonging to the Vatican, the Colosseum, and places I cannot remember where.

Pope balconyColosseum 1roman garden 2roman garden

When you are done here venture over to Norm’s to walk through the doorways of others who share this obsession of collecting door photos. We are here every Thursday!



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