dear friend

Already a dark day

In my part of the world

Clouds and rain prevail

Casting veiled shadows upon my windows.

And with one text

It grows darker still.

Unhealthy news revealed

Leaving my day grayer

Those clouds now

Raining on my soul. 

Fingers crossed, prayers said

I want for you 

Soothing edges

To the gray world

In which you’ve re-entered.

And may all the rain

Falling on your soul

Bring renewed spirit

To you and yours.

My response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, Gray.


    • Am hoping same Joanne. Amazing how I can jump back into my own scary past when a friend now faces similar issues. Life is so very precious, we all know this, but only when tested did I deeply understand what it means to live with the threat of loss. It is debilitating and affects us all so differently. I hope my friend and her family do get through their trials as my family has…and continue to.


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