Feeding Time

I took this shot during feeding time at Caramont Farms in Esmont, Virginia.  For about an hour these sweet little goats were intrigued with us visitors who ventured into their pens to pet, cuddle, and simply nurture these young goats who are on their way to becoming milk producers for some of the finest chevre creation in the country. They seem happy to have us enter their world as they nibble our shoe laces or jump on our legs to inquire about our jacket’s buttons. Their curiosity lasted until the big, red bucket came out! The caregiver toting his bucket filled with the food they adored entered the pen signaling feeding time. The miniature herd swarmed toward him and the trough with this little guy bringing up the rear.

They shoved noses and ears and hooves over one another, oblivious to what was directly in front of them in order to gobble up the delicious chow that disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived. When necessary, the man caring for them picked them up and repositioned them amongst the crowded food bar in order to ensure each goat got his fair share. And still this little guy continued peering about as if he might miss something in that great big world beyond his pen.


My response to the Daily Post’s, Outlier.


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