Thursday Nursery Doors

The doors I chose to share this week are not necessarily stand-out doors, but it is where they exist I find special. They live in calm, soothing buildings where I love to dawdle when time allows. Yesterday I was in search of a particular something which led me to my favorite local nurseries…and a few of their doors.

These doors are located at The Garden Spot. She has a lovely collection of flowers when the season is in full swing and pretty items for the soul. I am returning for that Armillary today!


Ivy Nursery is another favorite garden spot where I ALWAYS find that special something any day of the year. The relaxing, designer-chic atmosphere calls to me anytime I need a unique gift or perhaps something for moi. Too bad this fountain doesn’t fit in my Volvo…

And just down the road I drove to Ivy Corner, my final green house visit. They, too, have lovely garden statues, plants, and houseware items that jump into my hands each time I drop by. I did not find what I originally set out for but I did find my fave, a red door!wp-1487865593833.jpg

And one more little gem sitting alone caught my eye just as I was leaving.wp-1487865577739.jpg

If you’d like to travel the globe and see more extraordinary door photos, visit Norm and his weekly Thursday Door challenge.


  1. Places like this have such a calming effect on the soul, don’t they?
    We have a little family owned place not far from here that we visit each spring when we’re getting ready to put the garden in. I can’t spend more than 3 minutes in that place before I’m smiling like a little kid 🙂


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