Thursday Ornament Doors

The house is decorated, food is bought for Christmas dinner, gifts are (mostly) wrapped (dog is trying to unwrap early!) and about half the cards are addressed. The only thing completely finished, and only because I declared it so after two days of preening, is our Christmas tree. One of my very favorite Christmas tree ornaments just so happens to be a door…a little red door boasting a lush wreath that almost, but not quite, hides the tiny brass knocker. I know I have strayed off the intended path with my humble submission for Norm’s Thursday Doors feature, but every year this sweet little ornament somehow speaks to me. I imagine happiness, laughter, and a caring hostess behind this door if it were to open…and I’d walk through if given the chance.


Merry Christmas and Happy EVERYTHING to all our door lovers, and special holiday wishes to our host, Norm Frampton.


    • I found this gem in a local shop here in Charlottesville that sadly no longer exists. I’ve never seen another like it. Every year I buy an ornament for my two (now grown) children. That year, maybe ten years ago, I bought the red door for me.

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