Thursday Door Knobs

With the swirly, twirly holiday calendar upon me, I’ve had no time to venture out to explore the untapped doors for Norm’s Thursday door challenge. So for today’s inspiration I’ve sifted through my already collected photos searching out doors with a single interesting feature and settled upon door knobs.

This first door lives in Corniglia, Italy (Cinque Terre) and I remember then photographing this particular door simply because of the angle of its handle. I love asymmetry and imagine this handle feeling just right when reaching for it to enter this home.


This second door is found in Morano, Italy, and of course has an interesting glass feature. But I like the fact there is one single knob centered about hip high.


Here is a third Italian door I found directly on the Cinque Terre trail and it has a very simple utilitarian chain as a door handle. No fuss, no muss! Whatever works, right?


This final door resides in Barcelona, Spain and boasts NO door knob…only colorful graffiti. I am left wondering, are we stuck outside or are others stuck inside???


There are many more doors worth opening – visit Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors to explore other door lover’s photographs from around the world.


  1. We stayed in Corniglia last year; apartment next to the restaurant as you drive into the middle of the village; missed the door knobs you posted (including the one on the trail). I would go back there but I would suggest in the off season because the summer was very hot. Nice post!

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  2. I’d like to go back, too. When I was there three years ago two of the trails were closed due to recent land slides so I’d like to explore those on another visit.


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