Columbus Doors

Who knew my intended post for Norm’s Thursday Doors would hold such significance when I photographed Columbus doors over Thanksgiving? My son is a senior at THE Ohio State University, my daughter, an OSU alum and Buckeye born, is now a grad student at UT Knoxville wp-1480442164311.jpgand my husband and I round out the family triangle in Earlysville, Virginia. Always ready to head back to Columbus, we willingly planned our Thanksgiving there where we also could enjoy the BIG home game amongst the Buckeye excitement. So three of us (and the dog) packed our bags (and kibble) and drove north while our son awaited our descent upon his territory.

While walking this wonderfully eclectic city I photographed a few of the doors that made me stop. As I look through all my photos and reminesce about our precious four days together, I hope The Ohio State community is healing well from the senseless attack occurring Monday, November 28th, just as the students and faculty were returning to their academic studies and responsibilities.  Here  and here are articles from the Columbus Dispatch where you can read more about the incident. Thank you to any and all who kept my Buckeye baby and everyone else safe and informed throughout the day.

I believe it was the ivy that made me stop here.
The embellishments here are quite elaborate, but sit well with the large concrete steps leading up to these gray doors.
Look familiar? I did not even catch this until I put together this post! The wreaths are so lovely and I’m definitely in the mood for Christmas.

And my personal favorites are these campus doors leading into the Ohio Union. GO BUCKS!

For more adventures across the globe posted by other door fanatics, head over to Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors. His site is addictive…


  1. I like #73! We’re big Buckeye fans here, although neither of us went to school there. However, my husband lived in Ohio most of his life and we lived on the east side of Cleveland for the first 27 years of our marriage. Go, Buckeyes! My big question however is why is the print for this post so big??? 🙂 I feel as though I need to go to the other side of the room.



    • I now am the only one of the four of us who did not attend THE OSU but like to claim it through association. Their football games are about the only ones I’ll watch and do feel the Buckeye pride whether on the scene or from afar, like your dad. It truly is an amazing school and has provided a spirited environment for both my kids to grow academically and personally.

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  2. #73 is awfully handsome but #61 takes the cake for me. It’s a bit of an unusual color and I really like that though it has a lot going on, it still doesn’t seem to busy. Nice finds 🙂


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