Thursday Barn Doors

Last weekend was a most joyous one for my friends and me as we celebrated the first child’s wedding in our coffee clutch of six women. Many times we’ve tried to put a number to the years we’ve been gathering as friends, mothers, coffee drinkers…I think we’ve hit the 15 year mark but no one knows for certain. Yesterday we talked of carpools and sleepovers and little league sports and suddenly here we are escorting our babies into their own worlds of marriage and beyond.

The October weather fell with perfection and the distant Blue Ridge Mountains created a majestic backdrop for the field of dreams swirling around us all. Passing through these barn doors we were enveloped in rustic lighting that made even the random missing board appear romantic. wedding-flowersEach table held plump bouquets of rusty-brown, green, and mauve flowers embellished with simple fall foliage reminding me how beautiful our natural landscape is just outside my door. And freely floating in the air and up to the rafters was much love and laughter shared by all of us who walked through these simple wooden doors eager to celebrate the occasion of a wedding.

May all this love and laughter follow the bride and groom throughout their wedded days.




Inspired by Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.


    • I cannot put into words just how blessed I am to have this circle of girlfriends who know me so well. And, it does not end here…I have many, other great friends I’ve know for just as long or longer who I consider ‘under my skin’ and I know them all for defined, specific reasons. I need them all at some point or another and never do I hesitate to call on them and I hope they always will do the same. And yes, the venue, a barn in a field, was absolutely a terrific place to celebrate love, new beginnings, and enduring friendship!

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