Tiny Addiction

I won’t say that every time I pass this jar I reach in for a tiny handful of my favorite Halloween treat, but I will say I brush my teeth more often at this time of year! For as long as I can remember this is my go to purchase when the store aisles change to fall indian-cornmerchandise featuring golden corn of yellow, orange, and white. Sorry, NO brown indian corn for this E’ville Woman! I am a traditionalist when it comes to candy corn and my apologies to those out there who like that other stuff.

So how much is too much? I ask myself this question every day and every day it is the same answer. When the jar is empty I will know I have had enough. This is how wp-1477317454234.jpgmuch I allow myself, two bags of Brach’s candy corn each season and I tell myself someone else is eating it with me but I am doubtful. There is only my husband, the dog and cat in the house and chocolate is Husband’s go to. Dog and Cat…well, sadly I think they are not in on the candy corn, either!

For now, I will covet my tiny handful of sugary addiction throughout the day and when I am staring at an empty glass pumpkin I’ll store him away, pull out the Thanksgiving recipes and move on to my next favorite fall treat, PUMPKIN PIE!!!

My response the The Daily Post’s Prompt, Tiny.


  1. I seem to commit to healthy eating usually at this time of the year and then sabotage myself because who can resist the Halloween treats??? I mean seriously, who??? I just did an extra set of burpees and tell myself that I actually earned an extra chocolate treat 😉

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