Thursday Vineyard Doors

Where I live there exists an array of vineyards, all within a days drive of each other. I’ve not visited them all, only a few in fact. Recently I’ve been to the following with family and friends to enjoy the food, drink, and of course of few doors…

Adventure Farm & Vineyard  is a stone’s throw from my neighborhood so dropping in is convenient. Note the red chair…

The doors of Trump Winery are very welcoming with the shaded porch and coach lanterns wp-1476984249441.jpgon either side. According to a gentleman working there, many visitors express interest of wanting to copy these doors in their homes. Personally, I just thought the Blanc de Blanc was worth taking home! And we did…



And there are these oversized barn doors at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard. You get two for one with these beauties…sliding barn doors that enclose the lower doors to the event hall. This property is quite stunning with its vines just steps away from the tasting room.

While these doors are not extravagant or ornate, they each have welcomed me on various occasions of celebration, bringing fond memories of toasting with good friends and family.

My response to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.


  1. As much as I like the doors, I’d like to sample the vineyard offerings even more. Have you read any of the Wine Country Mysteries by Ellen Crosby? They take place in Virginia. I’m eagerly awaiting the newest one.


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    • This vineyard is well know & a popular destination for weddings…has been in Southern Living mag a few times in past year. Yes, those big barn doors are wonderful. Same family owns the Red Pump Restaurant on our Cville Downtown Mall, FYI. No barn door at the entrance but equally inviting interior (and good eats to boot!)


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