gallery Thursday Doors: Heinz Memorial Chapel

Last October my husband and I attended the wedding of close friends who live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were married at Heinz Memorial Chapel which stands on the grounds of the University of Pittsburgh. Of course I took photos and no surprise, they include big, beautiful red doors! Before you judge, take a look, they are stunning. What is it with red doors??? Rarely have I met one I didn’t like/photograph. And these two are no exception…heinz-memorial-chapel-doors

I have included other views of the Chapel and a close-up of these ornate, 800 pound oak and iron doors. This was a memorable venue for a most memorable wedding. I’ll not forget our magical weekend spent with dear friends or discovering those swirly, knobby, black and red doors.


Happy (almost) first anniversary to Karl and Brandy!!!

My response to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge.


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