Thursday Doors: Court Square

I spent last Saturday walking around the familiar streets of downtown Charlottesville, particularly Court Square. This historic area is lined with brick buildings standing since the 1780’s. The Swan Tavern is located at 300 Park Street and was made famous by Militia swan tavern doorcaptain Jack Jouett and his 1781 night ride from Louisa to Charlottesville. He rode the 40 miles on horseback to warn our then governor Thomas Jefferson, and other political leaders, about an impending British attack. You can read more about this pivotal Revolutionary War moment here.


Next, this simple wooden door at 224 Court Square belongs to our first known public library created in 1823. I am attracted the many glass panes surrounding the larger, center pane.

Finally, on a much grander scale, are the doors to our Albemarle County courthouse, located at 501 East Jefferson Street. In its earliest years, this building served as the sole voting site for Albemarle citizens and was also home for Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist religious services.

albemarle co courthouse

There are many more historic and colorful Charlottesville doors to share on Norm’s Thursday Doors. Until then…


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