Feeling Connected

When I began blogging I naively  thought I would enjoy my WordPress site as only a writing outlet.  I did not realize it also would become a home for visiting the beautiful places I’ve been and long to see again or glimpse into lands I’ve yet to explore. The hometown photographs captured  and shared by fellow bloggers are most authentic and bring a sense of pride to where it is they live. Their blogging words reveal hidden niches we may never find  if left to stumble out on our own. This blogosphere gives us a simple means to connect with new friends, places, and events.

One of my new favorite blogs to follow is Norm’s 2.0 Thursday Doors. I’ve only recently found this site but I love opening the doors of bloggers who also frequent his site. To join others in this world who share my passion is a thrill and helps justify my quirky photo obsession. A few of the doors posted here are in cities I’ve visited but I must have blinked or took a left instead of a right and missed that particular door. I am thankful to have Norm’s blog  and his followers to fill in for me those intricate, plain, colorful, and historical doors I overlooked the first time around and will search for next time.

Xenia at Whippetwisdom is another blogger  with whom I’ve connected in the last year. Her passionate haiku and emotional photography  focuses on her dogs. Her blog automatically exudes warmth bringing a smile to my face, even before I’ve read her words. Those fast, whipping legs running over sand or through woods illustrates the free spirit in all of us that needs unleashing now and again. Xenia’s words tell of her circular bond with the adopted animals in her life, a bond I relate to and share with my four-legged loves in my home. Thank you  Xenia for your Whippetwisdom.

Paris I visited many years ago…and a city I do hope to return to one day. Until then, I visit through the posts and photography of Yann at The Antimuseum in Paris. His architectural photos are wonderful reminders of the romantic city I enthusiastically roamed for a few weeks. Strolling through his blog I recall familiar places, take in the new I hope to see for myself one day and afterward I feel as though I’ve taken a short trip abroad. There are many bloggers who bring this sense of peace to me and for that reason I do appreciate the colorful  photography and thoughtful posts you share each day.

The wonderment of blogging can make our vast world small while spanning the globe at our fingertips. And now it seems we truly can connect in person thanks to an upcoming blogging event in Chicago. I believe more details are forthcoming but read here for preliminary information.  As you will see, I follow Erika  where I found this announcement and it appears she found it on Life of an El Paso Woman and the original contest began here. Our connections are ENDLESS!!!!!

My response to the Daily Post Discover Challenge Connections.


  1. A beautiful post about the connections we create through blogging Denise and thank you so much for connecting with us personally. It is so lovely to know you through your stories and your photographs and all the heart-felt comments you have left on our blog. A very big hug for you across the miles from all of us here.xxx

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