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Dear Son,

I recall our night-time ritual with fondness. Armed with your two binkies and two more for good measure, we’d search the inky dark sky for the moon. Holding you in my arms I traced your tiny form snuggling close to my chest and shoulder, a memory you cannot recall and one I will never forget. As your slumbering innocence relaxed into me, I softly sang the lullaby St Judy’s Comet and together we bonded over nothing and everything. Your gentle, steady baby’s breath filling our space was so sweet a flower is named for it.

On this day my sweet baby boy, your 21st birthday, I wish you happiness, good health and all your dreams to come true, the very same wishes I declared the moment you were born. I also wish for you special night-time rituals of your own someday so you will know just how special ours were to me so many goodnight moons ago.



baby andrew with pancake

tt and me


  1. It’s hard to reconcile our memories of a tiny baby with the young adult in our life – smart, funny, independent.
    He’s a handsome man and I’m sure you are very proud of him 🙂

    Congratulations to both mother and son on this significant milestone!

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