Thursday Holy Door

holy door 2vatican door

The Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican.

You cannot appreciate this structure’s enormous size from either of my photos but when visiting in person it is quite magnificent. My first image captures the 16 panels of the door’s surface, each depicting  scenes of man’s sin and God’s redemption. It also shows off the colorful marble encasing the door. My second image better reflects the details of the individual brass panels. The Holy Door is only opened during Jubilee Years the most recent beginning December 8, 2015, the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and ending November 20, 2016.

 My response to Norm 2.0’s photo challenge, Thursday Doors.


    • Sounds as though you need to plan your return trip to Italy Judy. I need to be better about marking all my photos so I know later where I was at the time. Usually I also photo nearby streetsigns or other markers when available and this helps.


  1. Thank Norm. That was a fun tour. Our guide was a personal employee of the Pope and Art Historian. She was a wealth of information and her tour included the best parts (in her opinion) of the Vatican and its history. I would like to go back again to let it all sink in…the first time visiting anyplace is overwhelming.

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