A single shoe?

Dear Reader,

Can someone tell me how is it that a single shoe finds it way to the side of the road or middle of the highway? I will not bend my mind to project a (stupid) reasonable answer beyond ‘She was drying her toenail polish by hanging her foot out the window and, yep, you guessed it! Her shoe flew off!’ I would LOVE YOUR thoughts on this phenomenon. Because I’ve never (been reckless enough) had the opportunity  to whip out my cell to capture one of these rogue, lost shoes while travelling our highways and back roads, I resorted to Googling images for this post…and landed on a Facebook page dedicated to and aptly titled, Shoes on Side of the Road. Go ahead, I did.

So, just how does that single shoe end up all by itself and what was it’s owner doing at the time to actually LOSE HIS SHOE WHILE DRIVING? The possibilities are (ridiculous) endless…please weigh in,

Perplexed in E’ville

shoe raodside

I bet she had a crappy time at the ball!


  1. Well, I guess this might have happened when both my girls were on the same soccer team and could drive themselves to practices, if a window had been opened. I remember being on the phone w/one of them while the other was behind the wheel, trying to settle an argument, as we mothers are often demanded to do. So, besides praying that they wouldn’t hit a deer or miss a curve while they drove home in the dark in the semi-rural, semi-wilds around Nashville, I added a whispered prayer of thanksgiving that whichever was driving managed to maintain control when her sister threw a shoe at her head during our three party yelled conversation!

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