Smooth Transitions

Smooth was the skin she wore every day, facing all that came her way. There were few obstacles she could not hurdle, a rare decision gave her pause for query and never a night required prep time simply to go to bed.

Today her skin is much older, the lines representing the journeys they’ve travelled together. Each hurdle she clears leaves behind a gentle reminder of how hard she’s worked to rise, arc, and land, first on one foot and then the other. These growing pains grew her stronger as she faced each hurdle with determination and confidence.

Unlike her younger, smoother, independent skin she now cannot make such split second decisions effecting only herself. There are more pieces to the puzzle, more input to consider, more hearts that need tending than there once was. With every well thought out plan and choice made over the years, there are precious reminders of how hard she searched for the right answer, the best fit for all, not only herself.

And now each night she tends that once smooth skin to keep it prepped and ready for the next day’s race. Never knowing how long it must last she keeps everything in working order, checked and fit for another lifetime in that not so new skin. Appreciating all she has and has been through she welcomes another wrinkle or two reminding her of where she’s been.

Turning out the light she reflects on yesterday and realizes how smooth her transition has been. To know her fate would cause stress from anticipation. Somehow taking the surprises, the sadness, the pain, and the happiness as it comes has left her soft yet resilient. Her mind quiets and heart steadies. Smooth was a good place to begin but she resolves to wear these wrinkles of time like the accessories they are, each jewel an embellishment to her life’s story.

My response to The Daily Post’s Challenge, Smooth.


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