I read this blog about a week ago and found it so profound I felt the need to share. Thank you Victo of Behind The White Coat for writing scientifically about the ambiguity of transgender and leaving us with something to ponder…our sexuality is not a choice, it is innate. No matter how we present phenotypically (physical appearance) our genotype (genetic makeup) tells us who we are. And to ourselves we must be true.

Behind the White Coat


She wondered why her hair began to thin when she hit her early thirties. First over the crown and then over the rest of her scalp. A shiny pate that showed through the big hair no matter how the hairdresser swept it or curled it or sprayed it.

They never told her why her female parts never worked. Why she had to take hormones from the time she was a teenager.

She had to adopt children.

Her body wanted to grow certain ways, be certain things…. muscular, flat… Make-up did not help, not really. Neither did over compensating with clothes and hats and flamboyant wigs. She dieted and starved, trying to achieve that ideal female form but it always seemed just beyond her reach.

She always wondered why she did not feel comfortable in her own skin. Why did she look more like her uncle than her mother? There was…

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