Medicine Cannot Heal the Spirit

My sister-in-law texted these words to me yesterday and I found them incredibly profound. These words glowed on my cell phone screen and are permanently emblazoned in my soul.

She texted my husband and me describing a sad turn of events with her beloved dog. She, like any of us pet owners, did everything she could to nurture and heal her dog back to her happy normal self. Unfortunately this was not to be. In her one written comment, ‘Medicine cannot heal the spirit,’ her decision was clear. This is the truest form of love for anything or anyone. No lingering on for selfish reasons or what ifs. My heart weeps for her and anyone facing the loss of your sweet companions and the decision to let go. When our pets lose their spirit to please, play, love, eat or drink and simply be at our sides…the decision is clear.

No, medicine cannot heal the spirit, for us or them.


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