In Limbo

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet.” -Nancy Levin

Where I live the temperatures are rising and falling like a yo-yo. Last week it was sunny, clear and in the low 70’s, today snow rests on the ground with temperatures hovering between 30 – 40 degrees and next week we kiss 70 again.  our house in snow  Mother Nature cannot make up her mind and as a result I find myself in a seasonal limbo. 

For this time of year, these eradic changes are not what I remember to be normal. From about November to mid- March my wardrobe typically consists of sweaters and boots, my favorite and most comforting uniform. There is a tranquility and balance I find during these colder months while enveloped in layers of cotton and wool, colorful scarves wrapped soothingly about my neck and soul. It is during this season of colder temperatures I feel security versus the exposure of the warmer months of spring and summer.

I’m not quite ready to hang up my hat and gloves or surrender my coats for sunscreen and short sleeves. Yet there is an excitement I feel watching the birds nest, the daffodils unfold and the yellow green glow of the earth as spring emerges from her long winter’s snooze. There is some sort of re-birth that stirs with the awakening of my outdoor senses.

I will honor this space between no longer and not yet…I welcome this wintery day and the fact that I get one more.


    • NOW we are experience non-stop rain. Not complaining as we certainly need to get our water reserves back on track. The lush, green that surrounds me now is quite a different canvas than when I posted this back in March. Spring has sprung (a leak)!

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