Daily Prompt: Here I Go!

And here I go, on a cleaning frenzy, as I ready the house for the coming holidays. But first things first. My daughter, who is studying at UT Knoxville, will return this weekend for a few days to enjoy her birthday weekend sans work, students, books and the demands of graduate school. With each passing year of her education we see less of her as one would expect due to the increase in responsibilities of her program. Thus, I want to squeeze out every precious moment of her short stay with us. Floors are swept and vacuumed, fresh flowers on her dresser, favorite meal ingredients in the fridge for birthday dinner, house newly painted…yes, house IS newly painted but a TOTAL coincidence I promise! I think everything will be ready for our 72 hour visit.

And of course despite even my best designed plans, my cerebral version of her three-day visit, I will not get everything ‘done’ before she arrives  and we’ll never get in all that I’d like to do while she’s in town. Same goes for holiday time around the table or tree, these life memories most certainly never end up exactly as envisioned. One thing I’ve learned with age is this: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

What I have come to realize is yes, I truly enjoy making my house cozy and welcoming for friends and family who visit. In recent years, however, I’ve managed to downplay much of the scattered anticipation leading up to that time by focusing on what is most important-the people, not the prep! I am making more time for me to be involved in the visit and not simply be the ringleader of the event…it truly is wonderful to sit and enjoy a meal and conversation with everyone versus mentally managing every aspect of a too planned out evening. Now that my children are older they, too, enjoy cooking so the work is sometimes shared. In their presence, along with a glass of wine, my holiday spirit lifts exponentially!

Most likely, despite all the legwork we all do in preparation for welcoming our family and friends, much of it goes unnoticed by everyone except for those of us doing the sprinting. This season I plan on taking a breather on the front side of my holiday planning and will focus on who is coming to visit instead of worrying about the perfect setting. This will come naturally when the good food is blessed, the laughter rattles the windows and all that I love so dearly is staring back at me.

The last song I heard was Foo Fighter’s Something From Nothing...

My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”


  1. OMG! I live in Oak Ridge and was just at Nuclear Science Week in Knoxville yesterday! Maybe I could “adopt” your daughter. Any chance you could adopt my eldest, who is currently working feverishly to finish her thesis and for the moment lives in Dayton, OH, where her boyfriend of 2+ years is starting a PhD program?🎓

    Also kudos for you for still having even a low level of determination to spruce up your house a bit before family visits. I’ve degenerated to the point where I now plan on having family reunions at vacation destinations, kind of like destination weddings. 🌴

    I agree with you, though, that the time spent together is way more important than the spit shine on the furnishings. Since both of my 20 something daughters now live so far away from us, I consider any day I spend with them to be Mother’s Day. Enjoy yours!

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    • I had a fabulous visit with my daughter and look forward to having both my kids home at Thanksgiving! I have a great friend who I visited just recently and it was her enthusiasm for decorating HER home that infused me to return home and decorate mine. Happens every time we visit each other.

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