Daily Prompt: Presently…

I am visiting one of my favorite places from my past. Here I sit in my dear friend’s kitchen drinking in the many years of our friendship. When we moved to Pittsburgh 21 years ago it was for a three year graduate school for my husband, a new laboratory job for me and unknown at the time, would become my son’s hometown. I am grateful for all the many gifts that came to us while living in this town I called home for just a short while:


A good football team to cheer for! No matter where we are we can ALWAYS find Steeler’s fans…we’re everywhere. GO STILLERS!!!

pgh skyline closeup

A gorgeous and immediately recognizable skyline that makes my heart skip a beat each time I approach the city. It is old, yet colorful, vibrant and eclectic. Architecturally the city speaks to me with her sweeping bridges and staggered buildings that peek out from behind one another not wanting to reveal herself all at once. “Stay awhile, explore my avenues and see all there is in my great city resting on three rivers,” she announces.

A love for Primanti Bros. sandwiches.  I LOVE FRENCH FRIES!!! I’ve layered them on my burgers since I was a little girl so when I moved to a town where this was the norm, needless to say, I found renewed comfort in this comfort food. I love good food and finding an establishment that honors french fries deserves acknowledgment for their genius. If you’ve never had a Primanti Bros. sandwich, they are worth the trip. They are delish! (FYI-Fries are great on salads, too!)

A fondness for the some of the friendliest people I’ve known. We lived in a neighborhood mostly filled with locals who did not venture far from their roots. I was surrounded by families who remained geographically close and not only spent holidays together but also enjoyed last-minute celebrations as a group. I became acutely aware of this as I was missing my family missing my babies grow during their early developing years of infanthood. Mason-dixon-lineMy family always came together across the miles for the big celebrations but for the rest of the year our Pittsburgh ‘family’ held us close including us as their own. Here, north of the Mason-Dixon, I experienced northern hospitality that rivals the graciousness and generosity generally associated with us folks down south.

Sitting here in one of those same kitchens that welcomed me all those years ago I recall these and countless other reasons for which I love coming back to this city I called home for a brief period in time. Write here, write now, I feel completely at peace surrounded by the familiarity of the scents and sites of Pittsburgh.

My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Write Here, Write Now.”


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