FORWARD DRIVE: Coffee, Crosswords and the Coming of the Sun

Daily passions all three, they each serve different purposes. I look forward to the coffee ritual every morning and the little zing it brings to me. I quite possibly might be addicted and have no shame in admitting this.  A favorite mug, just the right amount of cream (nothing less than half n’ half for this girl!) and steam floating off this magical brew AWAKENS MY SENSES each morning. I thought I knew coffee until I visited Paris. The Parisians know their coffee. Some travelers develop a love affair with le tower Eiffel….well, for me it was el cafè au crème. Yes, sitting curbside en plein air on those lovely, damp, narrow streets with a real cup and saucer, no disposable paper cups, waking up with the city and that bold morning treat was certainly a highlight for me. Oh yes, and the Louvre. But did you know they have the best cafè in the basement of the Louvre?

Crosswords STIMULATE my brain each morning and I do like pulling them from our daily paper. With Emmy in my lap, I set out to complete the puzzle most mornings.

The beautiful sunrises are worth getting up for in my little piece of paradise. Especially when fall has fallen and the thinning air has lost it’s summer humidity. When it is quiet enough I hear the cows welcoming the sun at a nearby farm. It is at this time when PEACE FINDS ME, regardless the order of the day. The promises I make at this hour are only for me as I am present with myself embracing these moments as they may be the few I get. These first, unblemished ticks of the daylight hour are most sacred and worth witnessing over and over again. And although the coming of the sun repeats itself every 24 hours it is uniquely individual every 24 hours…mine is different from yours. And yours. And yours…

My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forward Drive.”


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