Wash Day

“there is beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere.”

edward abbey

Every day when driving into town I pass a few farms boasting lovely pastures where if I am lucky, get to witness the grazing cows living there. Today bovine luck was with me!

A sweet guy at Fattoria Poggia near San Gimignano, Italy 2013
A sweet guy at Fattoria Poggia near San Gimignano, Italy 2013

And as an added bonus not only did I roll down my window to catch the sweet noises emerging from the convening cows at the fence near the road but today I slowed my pace to watch mothers bathing their young. It seemed as though I stumbled upon wash day and how amazing it was to see the many cows licking the little ones…thick, pink tongues caressing smaller heads, ears, rumps and sides all while the busy people of E’ville drove past on their way to work, to the gym or to wherever it is we must be each morning. While the cows seemed oblivious to me and others on the other side of their world, I could not help but marvel at this simple act in nature before me. Although I entered their world for a few seconds on a sunny drive into town, I am grateful for that glimpse into the graceful ceremony of Wash Day in the field.

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